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Park 'N Go at Port Everglades
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Internet CRUISE PARKING Special
As low as $7.99 per day for Port Everglades Parking
No minimum stay, No booking fee, No prepayment; Our very best offer!
Your vehicle check-in (sail date or drop off date) determines the rate for ALL of the days you are parked.

Our regular rate without an internet special is still only $12 per day, a 20% savings over regular port parking.
During peak travel times Park 'N Go reserves the right to substitute valet parking for self parking (we hold the keys).

Just like the price of your cruise or an airline rate, these special internet-only rates can change based on travel activity.

Book your reservation on this visit and print your confirmation page. Our staff will request a printed confirmation and will verify the name entered in the form below in our internal system to match the rate with your reservation.

The date you physically drop-off your car in
the lot determines the daily rate for the entire stay.

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1101 Eller Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Toll Free 1-888-PNG-PARK

Before calling, please see our
"Frequently Asked Questions" page

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Please print your confirmation page, which will display after clicking "Submit".
While rare, during peak travel times we substitute valet parking for self parking at no extra charge (we hold your keys).
Also on our confirmation page: you can enter your address for turn-by-turn directions.
Sorry, this special is not valid with any other discount, coupon, or special offer.

Questions about our service?
Please read the next few paragraphs. Or read the FAQ.

Park 'N Go has a free shuttle that will meet you at your vehicle, where the shuttle's driver will help with your luggage and drive you from the lot to the airport or cruise ship terminal. The shuttle driver will also give you a yellow slip, which you need to keep with you in order to give it to the shuttle driver that picks you up.

Upon your return, look for a shuttle with our name on it, and if you do not see one right-away, call the number on the yellow slip. It also helps if you keep the yellow slip in your hand so that our driver can more easily identify you.

If we will be picking you up at a cruise ship terminal, our shuttles generally share a designated pick-up area with the "Rental Car" companies.

If we will be picking you up at the airport, our shuttles share a designated pick-up area with the "Hotel" shuttles. We pick-up on the lower level, outside of baggage claim. Please be aware that we cannot stop in front of the terminal doors.

Once you board the shuttle to return to the parking lot, please hand the yellow ticket you were given when you parked your car to the shuttle driver. This will help your shuttle driver drop you off right at your car.

We are open 24 hours per day, every day of the year. If you have an early flight out or a late return home, the staff of Park 'N Go is here to help. If you experience any flight delays that require you to leave your car longer than expected, we will extend the same daily rate that you booked online for the extra days, but you will owe us the balance for the extra days when you drive out of the lot.

If you have any further questions, please click here and read the FAQ before you call.

Your daily rate is determined by the day you drop-off your vehicle at our facility. If your car is here over a higher-rate day, that doesn't mean anything. The day you drop off your vehicle is the day that determines the rate for all the days of your stay.